The Questioning Daughter

My name is Loryn and 2 years ago today on July 25, 2004, we uprooted our family and moved to our new home in Southeast Florida. Why, I ask? To be closer to our aging parents and to discover new friends and new job opportunities. We also wanted our children to have more bonds with their grandparents.

Uunfortunately, our bubble began to slowly burst and again I asked, why? My mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer - the worst kind. This beautiful flower of a mom was slowly going to die. How long and again I asked why?

In addition, the cancer showed signs that it could have mimicked that of ovarian cancer. What does that mean? She had colon cancer three years before this cancer and the doctors felt she was cured. No radiation, no chemo. Why, I ask again?

My grandmother died at 84 years old in 1984. She died of the same type of cancer. Why wasn't my mom watched carefully? Why wasn't she genetically tested? She was 49 years old when her mom died. I was 49 years old when my mom died. Now I am going to be fifty years old and I am taking a very proactive approach to my life and my health. I am tested regularly with the ca125 bloodtest. I have regular vaginal sonograms. I have taken three of the gene tests. I have tested negative on these. I am having an endometrial biopsy Wednesday of this week because I have slight spotting and I am showing to be in menopause with the fsh bloodtest.

The questioning daughter is me and I will never stop questioning. I am teaching my fifteen year old daughter to always ask why and to get tested when necessary. So, one should never take their health for granted. Be the questioning one and always ask why?

Parkland, Florida


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